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2021 Client Marketing Strategies for Pregnancy Centers

From virtual events, to video meetings, to online schooling, it’s no surprise that we spend more time online than ever before. Before we dive into other necessary advertising methods for pregnancy centers, we wanted to share the biggest development in online marketing – 2020’s social media statistics.

New Trends and Statistics You Need to Know:

  • Social media usage has jumped by more than 12% in the past year – the largest increase since the boom in 2011.

  • The world is spending more time on social media too, with the typical user now spending roughly 15% of their waking life using social platforms.

  • 9 out of 10 users connect to social media via mobile devices.

  • The average twenty-year-old spends 3 hours on social media each day.

  • Instagram is projected to grow even 10x faster than TikTok – the second-fastest growing platform.

  • 82% of Gen Zers and 79% of Millennials use social media to communicate with co-workers during the workday.

Much of the increased usage of social media is a direct result of the habits that people developed during the economic shutdowns and the usage (or addiction) has only continued to trend upward.

Where Gen Zers and Young Millennials spend their time on social media:

Where Gen Zers and Young Millennials follow the most brands and organizations:

Where Gen Zers and Young Millennials are most likely to respond to service-related ads:

In the ever-changing landscape of online marketing, we consistently watch for new, viable platforms and trends and best practices for each of the ones we currently use.

Pregnancy Center Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Here are 4 key areas to take a look at for 2021:

1) Instagram – Posting and Advertising

Instagram Posting

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the best ways to interact with your client demographics. Over 50% of people under 24 will check out a service’s or product’s Instagram page before even visiting their website. They want to know what you stand for and if they can trust you. Through videos, graphics, and reels, we know that the right content on Instagram can help you build trust and turn clicks into clients.

Instagram Advertising

Through Facebook, we are able to target individuals seeking pregnancy and abortion information online, retarget those who have visited your site, create lookalike audiences from your clients, visitors, or followers, and increase your website traffic. We send ads to women at-risk of an abortion, giving them the opportunity to make an online appointment or contact you first.

2) Google – Organic Search and Advertising

Google My Business (Off-Page SEO)

Google My Business is typically the most underutilized SEO tool in a pregnancy center’s arsenal. From responding to reviews, to optimizing your page, to posting key pregnancy and abortion-related phrases, to backlinking each of your website links, Google My Business is often the key way to increasing your ranking, even ahead of a local clinic or PP. Getting consistent, positive reviews is another great way to jump ahead of the competition.

We can manage your Google listing and post, respond, and optimize your page to help you rank higher in Search and Maps. Contact us to learn more or hear some great tips on how to run a successful 5-star review campaign.

Google Ads

If your center is in a large city with 2 or more abortion clinics or multiple abortion clinics that are targeting your location, Google Ads may be the best fit for you. Some pregnancy centers, no matter how much time and effort they place in increasing their ranking, just can’t compete with multiple abortion clinics vying for the same keywords. Although Google ads is the most expensive option, for some, it is one of the only ways to be visible on Google for abortion-related keywords.

SEO vs Ads: How do I know which method is right for my area? Contact us for a free audit to better determine which one is the best investment for your center.

3) Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat is another high traffic social media platform for teen and women (and men) in their 20s. In fact, more than half of all U.S. internet users aged 15-25 use Snapchat and use it on a daily basis to communicate with their friends. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, we are able to target your demographics by location and retarget through Snapchat pixels.

We place custom-created video ads in Snap Stories – one of the most-used features on their platform. Contact us to learn more.

4) Search Engine Optimization


This is one of the best ways to incorporate new content and place long-tail keywords regarding your services and trending pregnancy and abortion-related keywords. Utilizing the right long-tail keywords is how we can make the biggest incremental gains with your organic Google ranking. Unfortunately, research and content creation are extremely time-consuming, especially on an ongoing basis.

We provide monthly blogging and search engine optimization to help you save time without sacrificing quality.

On-Page SEO

When is the last time your website has had an SEO audit? Does your website have multiple pages targeting the most searched keywords by women and men facing pregnancy decisions? Does your website target cities outside of your immediate location? If not or you're unsure, your website is probably due for an SEO update.

Trending keywords change throughout the year and we help pregnancy centers stay up-to-date with the top abortion-minded and pregnancy-related search terms. We also help centers expand their reach in their community by targeting other zip codes they may be missing.

If you have questions about other internet marketing strategies, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Trends to Watch in 2021


The rise of TikTok for teens and young adults has been one of the most-talked about changes in social media this year. It appears just another great method for pregnancy center advertising. However, at this time, TikTok still comes with many security concerns.

With Oracle investing in TikTok, we hope that these security issues will be addressed quickly and thoroughly.


Geofencing isn’t a new trend, but in a world of continued online censorship, Geofencing currently has less restrictions than a lot of other methods out there. With the ability to target large areas like college campuses, you can send ads to individuals inside the fence and can track users from page to page.


As of right now, Amazon’s new(er) platform is not open to direct ads. We’re watching this one closely as well. If they do offer advertising beyond influencer marketing, the demographics could also be a great fit for pregnancy center clientele. Stay tuned!

In Closing

In the ever-changing world of internet marketing, we’re dedicated to researching the best methods for pregnancy centers and your demographics. For each center, we can help you discern what advertising and branding services will give you the highest return on investment with your marketing budget.

Send us a message or give us a call to learn more. We’re always happy just to talk through options and give suggestions.

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