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Top 5 Video Marketing Tips

With 71% of consumers watching more video online than they were a year ago, brands can no longer ignore their growing popularity. Thankfully, creating great content has never been easier!

1. Keep Your Story Interesting

Make sure your story is compelling. Videos, particularly brand videos, give you more freedom than most other marketing formats to show off your values to your viewers and potential clients.

2. Get To The Point In Under 10-Seconds

Your potentially award-winning 3-minute video is worth nothing if you don’t hook people within the first 5-10 seconds. Make sure that your video answers the question “Why should I watch it?” within the first 10 seconds.

3. Include A Call-To-Action

Most of your marketing content should have a call to action and video is no different. A lot of marketers tend to place their call to action at the end of their videos when the video would typically fade to black. This is an excellent place for a call to action in video content, but don’t limit yourself just to throwing a tag at the end of a beautiful video and calling it a day.

4. Optimize Your Content

Take the time to optimize your video marketing. One of the best things you can do before uploading your video to sharing sites is to host the video on your own domain and share through YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet. Be sure to clearly share the video descriptions to further boost your SEO. Including well-crafted descriptions serves two purposes:

  • It makes your video content accessible to those who rely on screen readers or who are hearing impaired.

  • It allows Google’s search spiders to understand what your video content includes and connects your video with your intended audience.

5. Share Your Video Everywhere (That Makes Sense for Your Viewers)

If your target audience is Gen-Z and Millennials, there's almost no wrong place to upload a video, but you want to start with the the favorites for these demographics. Post your video first to:

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Stories (Facebook + Instagram)

  • Snapchat

Stuck on content ideas? Try turning a written blog into a video or create a product tutorial. Using video to showcase information in a new, interesting way is sure to interest and delight your audience. Pick up a camera, start filming, and watch your engagement levels increase. It's time to make video a key part of your marketing strategy!

Don't have the time or resources to create video ads yourself? Contact us and see how we can help!

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