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Changes to Google's Local Search & What You Can Do

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Due to the latest changes to Google, you may have already felt the impact at your center. We want to share some marketing strategies and ways you can expand your online presence and continue to reach those who need you the most.

7 Things You Can Do to Help Her Find You

1. Expand Your On-Page SEO Strategies

While it may seem more daunting than ever, now is the time to increase the amount of on-page SEO work that you do. Ask and answer questions about abortion information and the services you provide. Focus on long-tail keywords through blogs and new page content. Use quality content that Google is looking for. The “helpful content” update could limit your ranking if your content is too repetitive, bots have been used, or it is not user-friendly.

If your site does not target other abortion pill terms and keywords trending in your region, state, or city, now is the time to expand your strategies.

2. Don’t Abandon Google Business and Local Search

Get more creative with keywords in your posts and the content you use. Include relevant keywords and unique terms local to you surrounding the abortion pill or abortion information. Check your Google profile and Google Search Console to see how women are finding you and make a plan to target areas you may be missing. Keywords can particularly change based on your state's legal status and it's important to keep your profiles and content up to date.

Get 5-star reviews. We cannot emphasize this enough. Start with a review campaign and make a plan to get ongoing Google reviews. Be sure to respond to reviews and report fake ones.

3. Consider Starting Google Ads or Increase Your Google Budget

If you don’t advertise with Google yet (or only have the grant), you may want to consider starting a Google PPC campaign. It is expensive, yes, but it is one of the leading methods of advertising that PHCs use to increase their abortion-minded contacts.

Ads can be placed in many areas on Google and your ad spend could focus on the main keywords impacted by this update: abortion, abortion clinic, abortion pill.

If you are currently doing Google ads, we recommend expanding your budget and the number of campaigns and keywords you target. Like SEO, it's important to include new trending keywords as well as providers (including ones that just provide telehealth abortion services.)

4. Implement or Expand Other Advertising Strategies

Go around Google and place “safety nets” in your online marketing plan. Utilizing at least one of these methods is a crucial part of your marketing budget.

Social Media Advertising

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to target women who are facing pregnancy decisions and to brand your center to women (and men) in your client demographics. Already run ads? Expand the types of campaigns (click-to-call for example) and audiences/campaign types (ads for men/partners or STD testing) or increase your budget. Even increasing a few dollars a day can make an impact.


Consider fencing the local college, high school or prayerfully consider fencing a clinic. You can also target specific websites instead of physical locations.

5. Grow Your Brand

Be the go-to resource in your community and expand your brand awareness services. According to a survey from Support After Abortion, half of women surveyed said they didn't know there was a local pregnancy center that could help.

Client Instagram and Facebook Posting

Localized social media posting or simply changing your social media strategy to reach women considering abortion. Instagram is often used as a search engine and an affordable way to be seen and known by your client demographics.

Campus & Community Outreach

Ramp up your campus brand awareness, community sponsorships, and other on-the-ground methods. Avoid cost-heavy, low-impact services like radio, tv, or movie theatre ads. Consider marketing consulting to help create a plan to reach more women offline too.

Sponsorships and Local Brand Awareness

If you have money in the budget and have saturated other areas, consider other brand awareness campaigns like sponsoring your local college sports team. If the price is right, even digital billboards or public transportation ads might be an option to consider. Please note, that this would be after other necessary areas have been expanded and covered.


It’s a hostile online environment for pregnancy centers and it may be time to rebrand or update your logo to be more effective in your advertising to women considering abortion.

6. Spread the Word and Invite Supporters to Give

Share about the latest update and its impact on your center(s) with donors and friends of the ministry. Your supporters need to know that Google is intentionally suppressing pregnancy centers from abortion searches and that this will impact you. Then share how they can help you implement and afford additional marketing methods to help her find you.

Make direct asks for specific amounts. (i.e. In order to reach women considering abortion, we need to raise an additional $1,000/m. We’re asking for 20 donors to commit to $50/m for the next 12 months.) Fill in whatever amounts you need but make it tangible and easy to give.

Share at your supporter events. Send e-newsletters, post to your private Facebook group or donor-only social pages, and even go old school and send a letter. It will be well-worth the stamps. Repeat information several times over in many different mediums.

They CAN do something to help you be seen and save lives. 1. Give 2. Leave a 5-Star review (no comments are necessary) 3. Pray

7. Pray and Release It to the Lord

And on that note... While we know that this is always your first action step, we couldn’t leave it off the list.

This fight isn’t physical and we all know it. We’re praying that despite these changes, we will see God work miracles online and in your centers. Invite others to pray for:

  • Women and men to find you despite big tech’s best attempts to minimize your reach

  • Legislation that protects pregnancy centers

  • An increase of positive exposure and brand awareness in your community

  • God to multiple the work of your hands and your marketing efforts

  • For more lives to be saved and families to be transformed in spite of the enemy's best efforts to steal, kill, and destroy

“Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told." Habakkuk 1:5

Closing Thoughts

We know that things can feel even more daunting now. After a summer of rage, fake reviews, threats, declining numbers due to tel-abortion access, and the many other challenges and attacks you face, it's understandable to feel weary or discouraged. But our God is bigger than these changes and even Google submits to His authority. We are "more than conquerors in Christ Jesus..." and we have the victory because HE has the victory.

We are trusting that God is going to work miracles and bring the women who need you through your doors. Keep being faithful. He will continue to be faithful too.

To God be the glory!

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